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Winedark's Daughter

Winedark's Daughter is nearly 30 meters long. Each tree used in the construction of her keel and hull strakes was felled by Brand Hareksson's axe, whereupon it was soaked for sixty days in the semi-salt waters at Hroeven Fjord. The ribs were bent and shaped by Brand, Harek and a dozen Hroeven kinsmen from single young trunks of trees grown in the Grove of the One Tree on Croy. After one year of drying, she was sealed and then blessed by Hjalmr, a Skandik highpriest of Thor.

Her sail, of rough wool, has traditional Skandik red and white stripes, red for the color of the Winedark Sea, white for the color of the One Tree. The sail is adorned by the two opposed green seahorses of Clan Hroeven.

The proud dragon figurehead at her bow was covered with gilt, most of which has flaked away in recent years. The purpose of the figurehead is to ward off the terrible sea monsters reported to inhabit the waters near Brezal Isle.

Though she can sail with as many as 70 men, Winedark's Daughter is current crewed and provisioned for long journeys. There are forty crewmen, not counting Harek, Brand, and the other party members. Near the coastline or on rivers, thirty-two of the forty man her sixteen oars, each seated atop their sea chests. She could be crewed by as few as twenty (with sixteen rowers), but it would be slow going. Fully crewed as she is, and with a good wind, she can travel at better than 8 knots (9.3 miles/hour). Of the forty crew, twenty are Clan Hroeven huskarls, ten are Skandik from other clans, and ten are Tharbrian mercenaries, some from Warwik. In poor weather or bad circumstance, some of these mercenaries refer to their boat as "Winedark's Whore, or "The Devil's Whore," usually out of earshot of her captain Harek.

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